Faith Based

Reaching the LOST with a message of SALVATION, RENEWAL, INSPIRATION & HOPE

Marc Mero’s greatest passion in life is leading people to Christ and inspiring Believers to embrace a closer walk with the Lord. A former WCW and WWE Wrestling Champion, God had a larger purpose for Marc outside the ring. Known in the wrestling world as “Johnny B. Badd,” Marc speaks candidly about his entertainment success while continuing to make negative choices. Following a series of personal tragedies and the loss of more than 30 friends and family members, Marc was on the brink of suicide. But God took Marc from the Death List to the Book of Life – turning Marc’s “mess” into his life-changing message of Hope.

"My story is one of renewal, hope, mercy and grace. God has a purpose for each of us; no matter how much adversity you go through or what your situation. For greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world! I plan to spend the rest of my days sharing the important truths I learned – and helping people know the love of Christ." ~Marc Mero

As an ordained minister who speaks worldwide, Marc’s compelling testimony inspires others to examine their own life choices. They realize their unique value and the importance of how they treat others. Marc's optimism is contagious as he empowers people to dream bigger than they’ve ever dreamed before. As the author of “How to be the Happiest Person on the Planet,” Marc shares the secret to true happiness – which he preaches, “only comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."

Marc’s charisma and sports-entertainment background make him an exceptional choice for the often hard-to-reach youth audience; yet people of all ages and walks of life clearly connect with his timely message. With an engaging, dynamic delivery that captivates audiences, Marc reaches people at a “heart level.” Churches all over the country who have hosted Marc for outreaches, rallies or special services.have seen record attendance at their events.

What Pastors Are Saying...

  • WWE / WCW wrestling star, Marc Mero had a huge impact on our church and community.  He's a class act in every way and his story is amazing. Laughter, tears, and everything in between!  ~ Justin Miller, Real Life Christian Church - Clermont, FL
  • One of the greatest services we had was when Marc spoke at our church. I highly recommend him to fellow pastors, churches and schools. ~ Chris Whaley, First Baptist Church of Longwood, FL
  • Marc, Your heart is like a key opening the lives of people to God’s treasure chest of provision. Every church in this country needs to have you come and make a deposit. ~  Larry Raffery, Laurel Church - Merrillville, IN
  • Marc's presentation is compelling and life changing. He spoke last week at my church and we saw so many people's lives changed to the glory of God, it is incredible. ~ Mike Conaway, City on a Hill Church -    St. Petersburg, FL

Your church can be the next to experience Marc’s anointing as he invites people to accept Christ for the first time or rededicate their hearts during this must-see testimony!